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General Contractor services

As general contractors, we initiate projects by procuring bids for predetermined packages, utilizing our extensive cost data to validate bids. During construction, we oversee daily operations, ensuring safety, quality control, and adherence to schedules. We manage subcontractor contracts and can self-perform various tasks, providing greater schedule control.

Construction of hospitals

Healthcare construction demands unique expertise. Our services encompass a wide spectrum, from single-floor renovations to complex seismic upgrades. We also address challenges such as wayfinding and infection control protocols. Our tailored approach ensures the seamless realization of healthcare facilities that meet precise client requirements

Construction of dams

Motom Developers Ltd boasts unmatched expertise in dam and reservoir construction. Our involvement spans from design assistance to the precise placement of materials, whether it's roller-compacted concrete, conventional concrete, or specialized earth fill. This ensures the reliable and safe construction of critical water infrastructure

Construction of boreholes

Our borehole construction involves drilling to precise diameters, adhering to client specifications, and maintaining equipment to comply with strict Health and Safety regulations. We guarantee efficient drilling processes with minimal disruption and disturbance.

Construction of buildings

Our building construction services encompass all stages, from site clearance to the excavation of foundations. We meticulously place reinforcement and cast concrete to establish robust foundations, ensuring the structural integrity of the building.

Construction of roads

Based on vast experience, we specialize in various paving projects, including highways, local roads, private drives, subdivisions, commercial parking lots, and industrial drives. Our commitment to excellence ensures the durability and safety of road infrastructure.

Construction of schools

We actively manage the construction of educational facilities. Our dedicated focus on schedule, cost control, and quality assurance is complemented by unwavering attention to safety, ensuring the successful delivery of school construction projects.

Construction of apartments

Motom Developers Ltd has developed an innovative construction method that outperforms traditional approaches. This method not only saves time but also delivers unmatched quality, making it a valuable choice for apartment construction projects.

Construction of perimeter walls

We offer comprehensive security solutions, from perimeter walls to integrated alarm systems with surveillance capabilities. These systems are designed for use in both commercial and residential estates, enhancing safety and security

Construction management

We are intricately involved from planning to design, providing invaluable input on constructability, budgeting, and scheduling to optimize project costs. Our team ensures compliance with specifications, budget, and schedule. Regular reports keep clients informed throughout the project.

Architecture and design-build

In Design-Build projects, we collaborate closely with experienced design firms to develop building specifications. This collaborative approach fosters effective communication among all stakeholders, resulting in the successful execution of projects that meet the highest standards.